In Onubafruit we launched the online shop thinking facilitate the buy and expedite procedures customers. In this section we explain some things about the process.


To access the buy you have to register previously.
You can access to the register section on the top side of Website.

 How to buy?

Search what you want:
1. See product catalog and select the product you want.
2. Once you select the product, you select select a date of shipping, number of pallets you want to select.
Look! We have the availability of each product!

  Add items to your cart

To add products to your cart, click the 'Add to cart' button below to find the description of each item. Each product has its picture and description, we try to be as accurate as possible.

The prices of products

The prices of our fruit will be visible at all times and may vary so do stay tuned to offers!

When did you get the order?

If validate your buy today before 14h, we give the order between 24, 48 or 72 hours depending of the destination of your order. We'll know once you register and indicate where you want us to send you the order.
Available products will always appear at the end of the buying process and there can choose the one that suits you.

Payment and order confirmation

Payment terms depend on what you have requested and agreed on prior registration.

After payment you will see a confirmation screen with your order number and also send you a confirmation email with the most relevant order information.